Early diagnosis is the key when it comes to any form of Cancer. So is the case with Cervical Cancer.

Did you know that any woman above 20 years of age is at the risk of Cervical Cancer?


You might not want to ignore these early signs of Cervical Cancer. Getting a pap smear test is the only way you can truly be sure.


Cervical Cancer caught at stage 1 is Curable almost all times, but catching it at stage 4 reduces the survival chance to as low as 5%. The choice is yours!


If you have these 5 symptoms, please get a pap smear today.


  1. Abnormal Bleeding(During or after sex, between or post-menopause) 


The most common and earliest sign of cervical cancer tends to be irregular bleeding.

It’s an especially alarming sign in postmenopausal women who no longer have periods. There’s no age limit to developing cervical cancer.


  1. Unusual vaginal discharge

If you find that the colour, smell and consistency has changed, then that’s something you really need to have checked out.

Everyone’s discharge is different, so it’s a case of knowing what is normal for you.

When cancer lacks oxygen, it can cause an infection which leads to strange-smelling discharge.


  1. Discomfort or pain during sex

Pain during sex can be a sign of a number of different issues, but one is cervical cancer.

Because the disease often comes with no symptoms, pain during intercourse is one of the key indicators. It can be a sign that the cancer is spreading to surrounding tissues.

  1. Lower back pain

It could be down to you straining something in the gym, or it could be a warning sign that something’s wrong with your reproductive organs.

Persistent pain – just one-off twinges – in the lower back, pelvis or appendix can be a symptom of cervical cancer.

  1. Unintended weight loss

While effortless weight loss might sound like the answer to many of our prayers, it’s never a good sign if it happens seemingly without cause.

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