8 reasons why colleges must adopt SmartAttendance Campus

Top 8 reasons why colleges must adopt the unique and innovative technology of SmartAttendance Campus

  1.  BYOD: Teachers will be using their Smartphone to update the school management system. Now, no need for manual data entry first, in registers and later, school management system.
  2.  Proxy Free: Zero scope for proxies now.  It’s biometric based attendance system. Very much like how finger print is a unique biological feature of a human being, the facial features are also unique to an individual. SmartAttendance Campus identifies the student by matching their attendance facial images with their unique enrolled facial biometric features.
  3.  Students are happy now: They don’t need to keep an external RFID chip hanging around their necks, which could be easily lost or forgotten. Their face is the new ID.
  4.  Hassle free administration: Teachers do NOT need to carry any bulky registers or manually perform tedious data entry every single day to update school management system. Right from capturing the data, biometric attendance and finally auto updating the school management system – one application does it all.
  5.  Be the pioneers: It showcases the institution as the pioneers and early adopter of an innovative and highly reliable technology. This keeps them on top of their game and well ahead of the competition. Using mobile based attendance is giving them a unique identity in the global educational landscape.
  6.  No Dedicated Hardware: Unlike other attendance solution like RFID /Finger print, SmartAttendance Campus does not need any dedicated hardware. The liberty from the hardware and its cost makes it cost efficient. This enables the institution to adopt solution with literally zero capital expenditure and wiring costs
  7.  Exposure to technology: Embracing the new technology reflects the openness towards learning the latest solutions and utilizing them in their daily life. This sets a bright example for the up coming generations by nurturing them under a highly competitive roof.
  8.  Paper free green solution: The world is moving towards electronic papers to save the most valuable green resources gifted by mother nature. SmartAttendance campus is 100% paper free solution.

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